— Holistic Tribal Development (in Jawhar & Mokhada blocks of Palghar)
— Women micro business program

Holistic Tribal Development
(in Jawhar & Mokhada blocks of Palghar):

All social problems are intertwined and need an integrated approach. Raah foundation works on the following core pillars of development:

  • Malhar - Water shed development (building check dams, wells etc. to create additional sources of water)
  • Krishi - Agriculture Development (training in farming techniques, seeds & sapling distribution, support in drip irrigation, forming marketing linkages)
  • Urja - Livelihoods (women micro businesses - grocery shops, dry fish selling, vegetable vending, food stalls etc.)
  • Adikala - Traditional Art revival and rejuvenation (Warli Art and Fabric Art)
  • Soukhya - Health (addressing malnourishment among children and anaemia in women)
  • Vidya – Rebuilding the school infrastructure
  • Srushti - Environment: afforestationand air pollution control through eco-friendly chulhas.
  • Adikatha - Tribal tourism.

Women micro business program (Mumbai):

Women are the backbone of our society and it is important to financially empower them to bring about the change. Program Manini works with underprivileged women from the slums of Mumbai to learn and hone tailoring and other allied skills and start earning a respectable income by becoming independent entrepreneurs or producers to our affiliate Raah Creative Design.